Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Homework Dec. 17, 2008

A- For the ambitious:

Please read all of Genesis 37:1-36, and then Genesis 39 to 47:28
This is the story of Joseph and how the Israelites settle in Egypt. It is sometimes called the “Joseph Novel” because it seems to be a complete and coherent story, with plot, suspense and structure. Regardless of whether it is historically accurate, it is packed with theological meaning and observations about human behavior. It also serves to explain why the Israelites were ended up in bondage in Egypt, setting up the saga of Moses and the Exodus.
The story of Joseph and his brothers begins in Genesis Chapter 37; the story is interrupted with an unrelated story in Chapter 38 (so skip that chapter); the story picks up in Chapter 39 and concludes in Chapter 47, verse 28.

1- How did God sustain Joseph throughout his ordeal?
2- What was Joseph’s response?
3- Why do you think ancient Jews remembered this story?
4- What questions do you still have about this story? What is confusing, what do you need to know to understand the story better?
5- Do you recall a time in your life when you felt abandoned but later found new life?

B- For the moderately ambitious:

Please read Genesis Chapters 1-3 (the story of Creation)

1- Who is the story about? Who is doing everything?
2- How many distinct accounts of the creation of humankind are there?
How are they different? Similar?
3- What questions do you still have?

C- For couch potatoes:

Please read Psalm 105
Congratulations! You’ve read the entire Bible.
1- Who is the psalm about? Who is doing everything?
2- What catches your attention? Why?
3- What questions do you still have?

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